To promote and encourage the conservation of historic/heritage structures and sites and attend to those matters which enhance and complement this purpose. Emphasis will be on restoration, revitalization, preservation, education and advocacy, in order to augment the cultural inheritance of the community, with consideration for pertinent logistics and feasibility.

How was it Organized?

Heritage Winnipeg is a non-profit, charitable organization that was established in 1978 as a cooperative effort between the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba and the Heritage Canada Foundation (now known  as the National Trust of Canada) to promote the establishment of a heritage conservation area in the City of Winnipeg.

It is an independent organization which operates under the direction of a Board of Directors with representation from the general public, the City of Winnipeg, Heritage Canada, and the Manitoba Historical Society.  The Executive Director implements the policies and objectives set by the Directors.

What does Heritage Winnipeg Do?

Advocacy, Education, Planning, Re-development

Through advocacy we speak on behalf of the preservation of worthwhile buildings threatened by demolition or neglect. Initial efforts included the Bank of Hamilton, the Bank of Commerce and the Bank of Nova Scotia. This advocacy work continues.

Some more recent efforts include the Raleigh Apartment Block on Vaughan Street, the King building in the Exchange District, the Wilson building on Main Street, the Crocus building (formerly the J.H. Ashdown Store), and Chelsea Courts on Broadway, to name a few.

Projects and Fundraising

Heritage Winnipeg is funded by a combination of public grants and private donations. If the work of Heritage Winnipeg is to continue, our funding must come from a wider community base. Your financial support is appreciated; donations and/or membership fees go towards any of the following projects:

  • Educational Outreach Program - Schools and Community groups
  • Walking Tours
  • Doors Open Winnipeg
  • Manitoba Day Celebration
  • Annual Preservation Awards Program
  • Research and Publications
  • Resource Centre
  • Virtual Website Project
  • Heritage Fairs

Education and Information

Our educational program has included technical seminars on topics such as Safe Building Cleaning Methods, Building Codes and Renovation of Heritage Buildings, Marketing Heritage Properties, Zoning and Planning Requirements, and Maintaining and Renovating Church Buildings.

Our office serves as a year-round resource and information center to students, the general public, the governmental agencies and tourist on heritage buildings and built heritage issues.

Other facets of our educational program involve speaking to students of all levels on various aspects of Winnipeg's architectural heritage. Heritage Winnipeg also makes presentations to interested communities or organizations.

Additionally, Heritage Winnipeg has sponsored research projects on various aspects of Winnipeg's history.

Publications & Tourism

Heritage Winnipeg's centrepiece brochure, the "Illustrated Guide to Winnipeg's Exchange District", takes the interested tourist on a self-guided tour of the area and describes 50 of the Exchange District's buildings.

We have prepared numerous historical articles for publication in community newspapers.

Heritage Winnipeg develops and distributes tourism related information on our downtown historic district.

We serve the request of organizations arranging tours and conventions in our city.

Economic Development

Heritage Winnipeg recognizes the importance of finding uses for our historic buildings. Working with business people and professionals in the downtown historical district, we help attract new tenants and investors to the area.

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