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Designated Heritage Building Inventory

Below is a link to the list of municipally designated heritage buildings on the Planning, Property and Development page on the City of Winnipeg website. Provincially and Nationally-designated heritage sites can also be found on this website.

Designated Heritage buildings

Heritage Canada's Endangered Places List

Every year, Heritage Canada releases a list of the most endangered historic sites in Canada which result from neglect, underfunding, inappropriate development and weak legislation. The endangered places list is located at the link below.

Heritage Canada's Endangered Places

Heritage Resource Management Plan

The City of Winnipeg's Heritage Resource Management Plan "provides a renewed focus for the City’s Heritage Program that further integrates conservation with the City’s long-range planning objectives including sustainability and economic development initiatives. Through this coordinated planning framework, Winnipeg can continue to build on, and benefit from, its remarkable heritage legacy."

View the Heritage Resource Management Plan here.

Source: City of Winnipeg Heritage Resource Management Plan, 2010.

Photo Archives

Educational Resources

Books, Videos, Lesson Plans and Slide Collections

Heritage Winnipeg has a comprehensive collection of resources for students, teachers, and others interested in learning about Winnipeg. Heritage Winnipeg also owns an extensive collection of videos made in and/or about Winnipeg.

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